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Q. What are Pike Soccer’s playing seasons? 
A. Pike Soccer follows Georgia Soccer’s guidelines for two playing seasons, Fall (September-November) and Spring (March-May).   
Q. When are signups for Pike Soccer? 
A. (SPRING 2023) The recreation ONLINE signup period is open from January 5, 2023 to FEBRUARY 5, 2023. Those interested can sign up at  
Q. How old does my child have to be to play? 
A. If a child is three years old, i.e., born in 2019, then they will be eligible to participate. 

REALITY - We will allow some children born in 2018 register for Appleseeds.  Please contact the Registrar before you sign up!
Q. We are new to soccer - What Equipment does my child need? 
A. (1) Soccer Ball - A soccer ball that is appropriate for the players’ age group:

• SIZE 3 BALL - Appleseeds, U6 and U8 age groups 
• SIZE 4 BALL - U10 and U12 Rec. (U9, U10, U11 and U12 Academy) 
• SIZE 5 BALL – U14  and older Rec (U13 and older Select)

Coaches have balls that they bring to practice, but players benefit the most when they practice outside of regular training sessions. 

(2) Shin Guards - All players must wear shin guards at all practices and in games. There are plenty of different styles of shin guards, so you may have to try several styles. Shin guards MUST BE WORN on the INSIDE of the socks.

(3) Soccer Cleats - Soccer players should wear soccer cleats.  Soccer cleats have no toe cleat.  No baseball/softball or football cleats.  Appleseeds players may wear ordinary athletic shoes for their sessions.

(4) Long Socks – Go ahead and invest in some long socks to get your player used to them.  It will protect their shins against scratches

(5) Uniform - The uniform kit (or T shirt for Appleseeds) will depend on the program.  Read further for specifics.

TIP - Don't spend a lot of money on cleats until you know your player really enjoys the game.  Young players feet grow so fast - cleats may only last one season! 
Q. What age groups are used in soccer and how are teams formed? 
A. Pike Soccer offers the following age group brackets for recreational soccer: 

• Under 4 (Appleseeds)  
• U6 Coed
• U8 Coed 
• U10 Boys and Girls
• U12 Boys and Girls
• U14 Boys and Girls
• U16 Boys and Girls (if there are enough signups for a season)
• U19 Boys and Girls (if there are enough signups for a season)
Players who register with Pike Soccer in the Fall season will be rostered (“assigned”) to a team based upon their playing age and will normally stay on that ream if they register for the following Spring season.  Players who register for Spring season only will be normally be rostered to a team based on their playing age and vacant spots on the teams in their age group. Teams will be formed in each age group based upon player registrations.  If there are not sufficient numbers in an age group to form a team, then the players’ parents/guardians will be contacted about other options.  If there are enough registered players to form multiple teams in an age group, then Pike Soccer will make every effort to secure a coach for that team.  We want every child who registers to play. 
Q. What is AFU PIKE Academy/Select Soccer?
A. AFU PIKE is a program offered through Pike Soccer for those parents and players that want an accelerated soccer development experience (i.e., it’s “travel soccer”).  AFU PIKE teams participate in the Georgia Soccer/US Club Soccer Academy programs (U9-U12) and Select program (U13 and older).  In most cases, AFU PIKE teams are formed form players of one age group and train more frequently and for longer than a recreational team.  Players must tryout for a spot on the team and the costs to participate are higher than the recreational program. The coaches and trainers are paid for their time and expenses and the costs to field a team are higher.  The benefit to the player is an opportunity to train with players who love the game as much as they do, are serious about their development as players, and Fury teams get to play similarly skilled teams from other soccer clubs.

Tryouts are held right after Memorial Day and AFU PIKE teams will start training before rec teams start.  Academy and U13/U14 teams will play Fall and Spring seasons.  U15 an older Select teams will play a Fall season and will stay together for Spring tournaments, showcases and friendlies, depending on high school soccer schedules.  Please see the AFU PIKE page for more information.

Q. What is the cost to participate (Recreational Program)? 
• $50.00 for Appleseeds (U4) {includes a t-shirt};
• $125.00 per player registration fee for U6 and above age group
• Uniform Kit Fee (Varies)  for new players and for those who have outgrown their uniform pieces.  Uniforms will be purchased separately – We  offer an online store to purchase uniform kits and spirit wear.  The link to the uniform store is here:
• TIP – We will allow players to wear jerseys multiple seasons or pass them down between siblings.

The cost to participate covers a volunteer coach and between 8 and 10 league games, plus league costs, field upkeep and affiliation fees with Georgia Soccer.  The uniform fee includes a complete uniform kit (home and away jerseys, shorts and socks) See registration page for sibling discount provisions. 
Q. How is my child assigned to a team? 
A. The process for rostering (assigning) a child to a team involves several factors - playing age; experience of the player and hardship requests.  Here are the age group brackets that Georgia Soccer will use for the 2022-2023 seasonal year based upon the new age guidelines from US Soccer: 
Appleseeds - PLAYERS BORN IN 2019 
U6 - PLAYERS BORN IN 2017 AND 2018 
U8 - PLAYERS BORN IN 2015 AND 2016 
U10 - PLAYERS BORN IN 2014 and 2015 
U12 - PLAYERS BORN IN 2011 AND 2012 
U14 - PLAYERS BORN IN 2009 AND 2010 
U16 - PLAYERS BORN IN 2007 AND 2008 
U19 - PLAYERS BORN IN 2004, 2005 and 2006 
Q. When will we know what team our child is on? 
A. (SPRING 2023) Teams will be formed the FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY, 2023.  The team’s coach will contact you to introduce themselves and to inform you about the first practice.  If you do not hear from a coach, please contact Duff England at [email protected] 
Q. How are coaches selected? 
A. Pike Soccer is a volunteer-driven organization and encourages parent volunteers to set up and coach!  Many coaches played soccer at some level in their youth and have shown an interest in coaching their children.  Other coaches started out as an interested parent/team manger and decided to give coaching a try.  We could not offer these programs without these dedicated volunteers. Coaches must pass a background check and must show proof of a coaching certification in order to coach for Pike Soccer.  Pike Soccer coaches are required to obtain the proper coaching certifications for their age groups. 
Q. When will practices start? 
A. (SPRING 2023) Your child/children(s) coaches will determine the practice times and dates.  Practices should begin the week of FEBRUARY 13th, but may vary slightly.  Appleseeds will start the end of FEBRUARY and run the length of the season. 
Q. When will the season begin? 
A. (SPRING 2023) The season will begin on MARCH 4, 2023 and should run until around MAY 13, 2023, about 10 weeks. 
Q. Can I request a particular coach for my child/children? 
A. Pike Soccer will be revising the recreational rostering policy for the FALL 2023 season.  A Recreational Rostering committee will be making team assignments for Fall 2023 season.  The committee will balance experience and abilities for all age groups with multiple teams.

REALITY – Some parents will be unhappy if their child cannot play with their friends, but we want all players to have the best chance to grow and develop.  The AFU PIKE program is ideal for a group of players to stay together and develop together with more intensive training..
Q. Can my child play up an age bracket? 
A. There are instances where a child is of exceptional talent and would benefit from the challenges of playing on a larger field with older players (for example a five year old player starting their third season of U6 may benefit from playing up in U8 if the parents and coaches agree.  However, request to play up two age groups (i.e., the same five year old playing on a U10 team) would be strongly discouraged due to the age and player development differences. 

REALITY for Older Age groups – In many cases, U14 or U16 age players will be asked to play up so that a team will be able to be formed.  Also, sometimes if there are not enough girls to form a U16 or U19 team, they will be asked if they wish to play for a U16/U19 boys team.

Q. Can my child play Middle School/JV Soccer and play for Pike Soccer (rec or AFU PIKE) in the spring? 
A. Yes, but it can be a challenge for the player.  Generally, the school soccer schedules for MS or JV Soccer will end in mid-April, whereas spring club soccer seasons will continue for another month or so.  

TIP - If your child chooses to do both, remember that they will be burning up more calories and expending more energy, so make sure they eat a snack between practices and get enough rest!  Also, let the Pike Soccer/AFU PIKE coach know that they are playing school ball as well and that your player may miss practices because of a school game. It can be done!


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